Crackle Los Color 24cm
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18 Jul 2018
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Crackle Los Color 24cm

Provide Plastic Black Crackle Los & Colors in various sizes
Cv. Gemini Mas Plastics
Established in 2008, CV Gemini growing Plastic Mas is currently supported by the trust of our customers, an experienced human resources for more than 25 years in the field of plastic and Color Black Crackle Los supported with machinery technology that continues to deliver satisfaction to its customers.
Located in Surabaya, CV. Gemini Mas Plastik dedicated itself to serving the needs of the plastics industry in East Java and the need for plastic retail, forestry, mining, and so forth for the needs of the eastern Indonesia
We provide Plastic Crackle Los Black Color & of various sizes:
Plastic Crackle Black Color size & Los 15 cm
Plastic Crackle Black Color size & Los 24 cm
Plastic Black Crackle Los 28 cm size Color &
Plastic Crackle Black Color size & Los

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CV. Gemini Mas Plastik

Jl. Karang Pilang Barat No. 81 Surabaya
Telp. (031) 766 1198 Fax. (031) 767 0406
HP / WA: 081933808585
E-mail : gm.plastik@gmail.com

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